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Check out my Top Tips to Improve your Golf swing here

Check Out the videos that I am in, filmed on location at World of Golf London,

Everything you would ever need from putting, to Iron shots, and driving the ball the maximum length that we can reach.


Iron Play

Ever wanted to know how you are able to stop shanking the ball over to the left? or

Learning how

to stop hitting the golf ball on the heel of the golf club, I address all of these issues and


more, so go ahead take a look.


Stop over hitting putts, that you think you can make, It is much better, hitting putts close,


knocking them in from 3 foot, than thinking you can make the 12 footer, and rushing it past the

hole. I address how to do this in a number of different drills, that help you putt to your

best ability, you’ll be sinking putts left right and centre in no time


Struggling with shot alignment? ball not going where you want it to go? there are loads of


that we can help you with, to sort these problems, ranging from holding a stick on the

grip of the

golf club, to the runway drill, we’ll get the ball flying off to the right flight path in no time,


check them out


I have also recorded my own Podcast, that you can listen to, by clicking the link in the above box, “How I

Teach Golf is

a discussion between myself and many of the influential people that I have had the fortune to meet, work

with, and

now call my buddies.

We discuss everything from how we first met, to how they got into golf, and what they see the future of golf


like. I am always looking for people to list or if you would like to contribute or come on, drop me a mail



My Partners

Here are all the partners that I work with, If you would like to know any more information or would like to

speak to

me about the work that I do for them, feel free to send me a mail, and I would be happy to discuss anything

with you